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The oldest shoe in Europe is 6,000 years old

The oldest shoe in Europe is 6,000 years old

These objects were found by miners who raided a bat cave in Spain in the 19th century. Baskets, tools and shoes. A total of 76 pieces have been preserved for future generations. Now they have been examined using new dating techniques, which have proven that the objects are about 2,000 years older than previously thought. This is evident from a study published in the journal Sciences.

Some objects are up to 9,000 years old.

Also among the items was a pair of sandals, woven from different types of grass. The analysis showed that the shoe is 6,000 years old, that is, older than the oldest known shoe that was discovered in a cave in Armenia in 2008. It is the oldest shoe in Europe.

– It is the oldest and best collection of plant fiber materials known to date from southern Europe, says study co-author María Herrero Uttal. BBC.

Leather and lime were used

In addition to grass, leather and lime materials were used to make shoes.

– The artistic diversity and processing of raw materials that have been documented highlights the efficiency of prehistoric societies, says Maria Herrero Uttal.

The cave was first discovered in 1831 by a landowner who collected bat droppings to use as fertilizer. A few decades later, miners worked in the cave and discovered, among other things, partially mummified bodies, baskets, wooden tools, wild boar teeth, and a unique golden crown.

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