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Warning: US national parks may have to close

Warning: US national parks may have to close

The clock is ticking in Congress, which has not yet been able to agree on the state budget. Effectively avoiding federal shutdowns requires reaching an agreement between Senate Democrats and House Republicans before the next fiscal year begins on Sunday, October 1.

However, temporary solutions could buy politicians more time for negotiations and prevent federal agencies from being forced to shut down. But it only lasts for a limited time and when the money finally runs out, the closures come — usually the federally funded museums and national parks first.

Are the gates closed?

America’s national parks attract millions of visitors and are important sources of revenue for nearby cities and businesses. The closure will include iconic places like Yosemite as well as more little-known gems.

“Gates and visitor centers will be closed and thousands of park rangers will be furloughed,” the US Department of the Interior wrote in a statement on Friday.

However, states and local governments can keep some parks operating by paying the federal government, according to the Interior Department, which oversees more than 400 national parks with 20,000 employees. It can reach tens of thousands of dollars a day, but local leaders described it as a bargain compared to the amount of money tourism brings in, according to New York times.

Stop in the restrooms

The governors of Arizona and Utah have already said they plan to keep the gates open to parks like the Grand Canyon.

In previous closures due to the budget mess, including one that lasted 35 days in 2018-19, the parks’ gates remained open even though they were severely understaffed. The consequences were flooded toilets, overflowing rubbish bins and vandalism as the influx of visitors continued.

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– The view was not beautiful, this is what an Interior Ministry official said in an interview CNN.