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Web host shuts down anti-abortion website |  TTELA

Web host shuts down anti-abortion website | TTELA

Texas imposed a complete ban on abortions earlier this week. Abortion after the sixth week is now only allowed if the woman’s life is judged to be in danger. The law also means that anyone can report and prosecute people suspected of helping a woman have an abortion after the new deadline.

The now-closed site allowed people to provide anonymous advice about suspected abortions. The web hotel says it’s violating the rules for storing information about people on its sites without their permission. The group behind the site says they will transfer it to another web host.

Passenger carriers Lyft and Uber warned Friday that their drivers could be hit by the new law, as they could, for example, be accused of aiding abortions by taking people to abortion clinics.

“Imagine you are a pregnant woman trying to get into a nursing home and not knowing if your driver will cancel you for fear of breaking the law,” Lyft wrote in a blog. The company says it will bear all legal costs if any of its drivers are charged under the new law.

Rival Uber is down the same path and made a similar promise on Friday. “Uber is also involved and will cover legal costs in the same way. Thank you for the payment,” CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote on Twitter as a comment on the Lift blog post.