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Sources say that China and the United States have not succeeded in agreeing on the climate issue

During his visit to China, US climate envoy and former Secretary of State John Kerry was unsuccessful in persuading the country to join a plan that would increase the pace of mitigating climate change. It states South China Morning Newspaper.

The United States was hoping to get it China will publicly endorse a target of a maximum increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius in average global temperature, to set a clear time limit for when coal use will begin to decline before 2030 and to stop funding coal-fired investments in other countries.

According to a source in the newspaper, China does not want to be governed by directives from Washington:

The source added that China has its own plan to achieve climate goals.

John Kerry during a meeting on Thursday.

John Kerry during a meeting on Thursday.

China must have turned around Against the fact that the United States asked China to stop subsidizing coal-fired power plants at the same time that the United States imposed sanctions on solar cell companies in the country.

During the meetings between Kerry and China’s chief climate negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, among other obstacles were US sanctions and the deteriorating communications between the two countries. Something Kerry said he understood:

– On the one hand, we tell them that they have to do more so that we can address the climate issue, and on the other hand, we impose penalties on their solar cells, which makes it more difficult to sell them.

“I will pass this on to President Biden and Secretary of State Blinkin,” Kerry said.

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