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March: Real Madrid reached an agreement with Mbappe!

March: Real Madrid reached an agreement with Mbappe!

Kylian Mbappe has already made up his mind about his future. He said it at a French football partyWhich was held on the night of Sunday 15 May, and its future with Real Madrid. Reports said the striker and Kingsman made the deal last week Brand. They shut down everything that has been said over the past few months – months during which Mbappe has been under all kinds of pressure, from PSG leaders to Macron supporters and politicians. He never doubted, but these pressures, some of which come with money that is far from the logic of football, have created tension and tough times to overcome.

Florentino Perez’s tactics have been pretty simple all season. The president based everything on the player’s commitment and willingness to play for Real Madrid. The club was always there, in the shadows and with the help of the key people around him who helped him break the shell during his stay in Monaco. eggs They have avoided direct contact at all times, although they can do so from January 1 without violating any rules.

2 main days
Monday and Tuesday, which coincided with Mbappe’s visit to Madrid, were days when everything became clear and all doubts were dispelled. Jose Angel Sanchez, chief executive of Real Madrid, took the lead, brushing aside other affairs he intended to close these days. The other players’ agents had to cancel their meetings, but it was worth it, as evidenced by the joy that prevailed in Valdebebas.

An agreement was reached, but the Mbappe community once again called for caution until commitments with PSG are finalized. Real Madrid took this caution. What happened last summer required it, but now only the will of one person is at stake, not the pride of an entire nation. That person and those around him said yes.

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Waiting for the football player
Real Madrid intends to remain calm and wait for the player himself to confirm the end of his time with Paris Saint-Germain, and his desire to play for him. eggs It will become a reality on July 1. Real Madrid will have to spend large sums in the form of bonuses and signing salaries, but that is due to the $200 million that was made last summer for the player’s transfer alone. Additionally, no other club, in this case PSG, will get Royal Money from them. Of course, there is no doubt that they will try to take revenge.

Mbappe and Real Madrid officials have not lied since August 31 last year, when Qatar prevented the striker from concluding a deal that would benefit the three parties and leave the Parisian club 200 million euros at the box office. The desire to play for Real Madrid did not stop, as did the club’s desire to win the World Cup in its ranks, but without signing a contract.

five years
The contract that Mbappe will sign will be valid for five years and will be marked with a multi-million dollar exit clause, much different from any other clubs’ financial capacity. The wages he would receive would be far from what he might have earned in Paris.