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Margaret’s advertisement for travels with children

On January 14, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe celebrated that she had sat on the throne for 50 years and was regent of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

Throughout 2022, Denmark will celebrate its king with events across the country. On Monday, Marguerite has already called for her first press conference at the Royal Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Before the anniversary, many flashbacks were made in the Queen’s life. Many have been circling about how it happened when Margaret took possession of the love of her life, French Prince Henrique, and how she was initially forced to hide him from her parents.

But the then-royal couple Frederick and Ingrid gave their thumbs to Henrik – and their daughter was very happily married.

The Dannebrogen is highly regarded by the Danes – but Crown Prince Frederick and Prince Joachim weren’t always very happy.

Photo: Magnus Anderson / TT

The ship was launched in 1932 and in the salons luxury reigns with panels on the walls. In one of the halls there is a grand piano.

Photo: unknown

During that time, Margaret and Henrik made many memorable joint voyages with the HMS Dannebrogen.

It was launched in 1932 and has a crew of nine officers, seven sergeants, and 36 enlisted men.

Over the years, the ship has visited most of the ports in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. She also visited European ports, especially in France, and sailed both in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean.

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Ahead of Margaret’s 50th anniversary, Danish TV2 made the TV series A Life Like a Queen – where Margaret herself can look back and partially reveal previously unknown events.

One of the episodes is about the travels of the regent couple with the beloved royal ship Dannebrogen.

Here’s the 1986 Danish royal family on their way to Elsinore for the 25th birthday of Crown Prince Frederick.

Photo: Stefan Lindblom / Stella Pictures

In the interview, Margaret described her happiness at being able to take the two princes together on cruises.

“To be able to be on the ship with the boys and to be able to see how they learned both the ship and life at sea, I was so happy,” says the Queen.

And she adds:

– It was fun to see how they shared the same experience I had with my sisters when we were kids.

At the same time, Margaret reveals that it wasn’t always mutual.

Over the years, the sons of Prince Frederick and Joachim have often complained about frequent stops in ports.

I stood at the ready

There, sons were often forced to stand in well-inflated shoes and salute both sheriffs and other important people.

It was a life that was not appreciated in childhood.

– They were not always happy about this, and sometimes there were exceptions for children, says Margaret.

She says the princes always hoped for more fun things to happen.

– But I still think it would have been beneficial for them to be involved as much as possible, Margaret explains in a TV2 interview.

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