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Margot Vanham, nurse, rider and accomplished motorcyclist

Margot Vanham, nurse, rider and accomplished motorcyclist

In her professional life, Margot Vanham is a psychiatric nurse, in her sports life she is a racer, and at the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans she works as a motorcyclist. Here is a photo of a young woman living her life at full speed.

She changes her helmet as a mountain, Margot Wanham is 34 years old and the young man is riding a horse. But he’s on leash a Suzuki GSXR 1000 This trained psychiatric nurse best expresses her talent.

“They say that to be a psychiatric nurse you have to be young … you have to be a little frustrated! And then, we girls have a more developed instinct of self-preservation, we are less daring than men, we drive smoothly, cleanly and regularly. Men are more aggressive and more aggressive!”

Margaux is the pride of Mana’au rivalry. The amateur Mayenne team, based in Efron, is lining up at Le Mans for the 10th time. Always with the stars in their eyes. Having a mixed team is good, even better with Margaux!

Dominic Messagger, Team Principal sees Margo first as an excellent driver. “She’s normal, serious, boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the result, consistency in the cycles and she’s a good person.”.

Even Margaux and the volunteer team have their fans. A group coming not from Mayen, but from Epernai in the East!

“It’s a meeting we had on vacation, a few years ago now, and then it went really well”Said one of his fans. “There are more and more girls riding motorbikes, why don’t the 24 hours work?” asks a young woman, delighted to see Margaux set off at Le Mans.

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Margot takes the reins, sprawling atop a Suzuki 53. Smiling and determined, she will try to do better than her 28th place finish last year. She entered the top 30 in 2021, and with her squad, she aims to reach the top 20 in 2022.