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Marko Arnautovic bids farewell to ÖFB team «

Marko Arnautovic bids farewell to ÖFB team «

Marko Arnautovic could have made his 97th and last international match for Austria in Wales. At least that’s what he hinted at after the final whistle.

00.15, March 25, 2022


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Marko Arnautovic © GEPA . Images

Marko Arnautovic Usually confused. But the 2-1 defeat to the ÖFB national team in Wales and the accompanying final final in the World Cup qualifiers left Vienna dazed. “It’s sad,” said the forward with great disappointment. “If we had the first chance, the match would have ended differently. But unfortunately we missed the chance to go to the World Cup.”

The Bologna team member, who took his 97th game for Austria, hinted that it might be his last in an ÖFB shirt. The 32-time ÖFB scorer said: “I will think about everything, if everything is still OK. I am very grateful and very proud of what I have achieved for my country. But I have to see how it goes.”

Arnautovic had previously explained the importance of the game: “I will be 33 in April. I really want to go to the World Cup. It might be the last World Cup. I passed that on to the players. It’s the most important international match of my career.”

Maybe it was the last…