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“Mars Venus”: These are the strange images obtained by the Curiosity probe on the soil of Mars

New images from space research shocked Earthlings. After China’s space agency last week released images of bright moon pearls, NASA has now published the strange recordings it obtained on Mars, showing a rock that scientists have dubbed “Sal d’Endrino” (Blackthorn salt), but is referred to by the media as Mars flower.

As reported by the operating team Curiosity Rover, it’s a mineral formation that will be the result of precipitation. The images have been enlarged for the audience, but this exact treasure will be smaller than a US dollar penny, she showed. Abigail FreemanFrom NASA on his Twitter account.

Images of the small formation were obtained using the MAHLI lens aboard the Curiosity rover, which is widely used by geologists on Earth, but allows on Mars to reveal the surface textures of different rocks.

Is this the first time this “flower” has been seen?

This type of mineral formation is observed in different regions of the “Red Planet”. Previously, it was known as “Blueberries from Mars”because small areas were photographed.

In 2013, the same rover picked up similar rocks, in the shape of flowers, only more like the flowers on the Broccoli oh no cauliflower. From previous studies it is believed to be corrosion resistant.

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Check out a 3D model of the “Venus of Mars”, made by Simeon Shams:

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