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Masses of "destroying 5G devices and towers".  Parish Priest Translation

Masses of “destroying 5G devices and towers”. Parish Priest Translation

In Macau, st at the church. Rafa Kalinowski said three mass rallies were held in recent days with the aim of “destroying the devices and towers of modern 5G technology.” The parish priest announced that he would no longer celebrate similar masses. The Curia Church of the Diocese of Warmia held a conversation with the priest.

This is a new situation, but we have already responded to it. There was an interview with the parish priest. It is obvious that such mass motives should not be accepted – A spokesman for the Metropolitan Curia in Allstein told the BAP. Dr. Marcin Key.

St. in the church. Rafas Kalinowski In recent days, three people have been celebrating with the aim of “destroying the devices and towers of modern 5G technology.” Photos with the mass intentions of this church are spread on the internet and cause an avalanche of comments.

The people ordering these masses are two private individuals from Macau. These motives were a little misunderstood and misinterpreted. It’s not about the technology, but about the dangers it brings – BAP Bishop, Fr. Robert Kaniowski and said it “Every Technology Has Evil”. When asked what he meant, he clarified that it is content that spreads using this type of technology, e.g. Pornographic content available on the Internet. The internet itself is not bad, but it has bad content – The pastor said He said the motives of the commissioners of these masses were about such threats.

The parish priest admitted that the participants in the services “for the destruction of the devices and towers of modern 5G technology” did not act negatively when the priest informed them of the mass intent.

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From the mass intentions published on the internet this week, it seems that St. Church. Rafas Kalinowski in Mirakovo, the people associated with the 5G towers are set to be celebrated on Thursdays and Fridays. Parish priest Kanyovsky announced that these mass motives would be changed. The contracting authority deviated from this. We talked and he realized it was a little misspelled, it didn’t really reflect the intent of the people ordering – Said the parish priest Kanyovsky.

The parish priest acknowledged in an interview with BAP that the purpose of the 5G towers was “strange that he met, even though he was not a junior priest”.. Often, in difficult matters, people order people “for a purpose known to God”. It didn’t happen here, it just got a little wrong because it should have been – Said Fr. Kanyovsky.

Adam Nietzschelsky is still in the custody of the SOP. There is a harassment procedure