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LN Volleyball players: The Poles defeated the Bulgarians, in any style!

LN Volleyball players: The Poles defeated the Bulgarians, in any style!

Polish volleyball players Rimini defeated Bulgaria 3-0 (25:19, 25:15, 25:12) in the 7th round of the League of Nations. Coach Vittal Heinen leads the team to their sixth win of the tournament. On Thursday, the white and red colors will play against the Netherlands.

Polish volleyball players have taken another step on the path to promotion to the final four They beat the Bulgarians 3-0. Competitors in the League of Nations play on a slightly revived team, without a few basic players, with only one win for them after six rounds. Also, the captain of the team Quetton Sokov did not play against the Polish team, which facilitated the work of the Polish team.

There was competition Unilateral view. Only at the start of the match did Coach Heinen’s accusations face more opposition, however they themselves gave their opponents a few points after spoiled licks and attacks.

At 12:10 the Bulgarians’ quarterback, Georgi Sekhanov, was surprised by the straight attack, but it caused more mobilization in the Polish squad. Bartos Petnors could not stop the attack and added a service ace. The advantage of the poles grew in almost every action, after the attack of Łukasz Kaczmarek it was already 20:14.

White and Reds started the second game with two fantastic attacks by Jacob Kochanowski. Quarterback Fabian Trisica excelled in the team’s game, sharing the balls “equally”. Competitors began to leave arguments, they spoiled the service and could not put white and red on the web. The Poles started to play easily, there were a lot of smiles after more or less successful actions, but they maintained a high level of concentration all the time. This time Wilfredo Lyon kept his strength in service, but At the end of the second game he scored an ace and the Poles won 22:12.

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In the final set, the Poles continued to play better, with Heinen practically not having to comment on any of his players. At the end of the match Belgium continued to play a six, only introducing Massiju Mujaj for an action. In the end, the Bulgarians defended three matches, although the white and red players had some perfect balls at the end of the match. Eventually, Denise broke Karjakin’s service and came to the rescue.

Poland – Bulgaria 3: 0 (25:19, 25:15, 25:12)

Poland: Fabian Trisica, Norbert Huber, Jacob Kochanovsky, Wilfredo Leon, Bardos Petnors, Yugos Coxmarek, Damian Vojtassek (Libero) and Massij Mujaj.
Bulgaria: Georgi Sekano, Nikolai Kolev, Nikolai Gordev, Georgi Petro, Asbaru Asbaruho, Radosla Parabunov, Vladisla Ivanov (Libero) and Denis Karjakin, Gordon Lukanov.