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Roland Garros: Rafael Nadal’s 14th semifinal in Paris

Rafael Nadal advanced to the Roland Cross 2021 semifinals.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal reports for the 14th time in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam French Open. The record holder for the Paris event defeated Diego Swartzman of Argentina 6: 3, 4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 0 in the quarterfinals, losing the first set in this year’s edition.

Nadal, now third, and the “10” Schwartzman won their 11th victory for the 12th time as a major tennis player. They met in the semifinals a year ago and the Spaniards won 3-0.

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Argentina, also known as the Spaniard, recorded its 14th victory in the courts, raising the bar to “King of Paris”. Roland Cross and improves his own record.

In the first set, it was a breakout in the eighth game (5: 3), which determined the favorite to win; Previously, both players did it once. The second game started like a 28-year-old Swartzman, who jumped back 3-0. The opponent reduced the losses, but in the 10th game, Nadal again lost the game by his own pass and lost the first set of the match. Thus, the number of consecutive victories he achieved in Paris was stopped at 36.

Third Edition 4: 4 The battle of the “gem for the gem” to the level. Nadal then broke with Argentina, who in a moment – as befits a top champion – followed suit and sealed the victory at 6: 4 without conceding a single point in the next game.

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Events like this clearly broke Swartzman, who had shadowed himself from previous games in the fourth set and could not win a single game.

The Spaniard never missed the French Open semifinals, nor the finals. When he reached “four”, the match ended with his victory.

The second semifinal pair will be formed by German Alexander Sverev (No. 6) and Greek Stephanos Tsitsipas (5th).

Last week, on the campus of the tennis court, Roland Kerose unveiled the steel statue of the record-breaking single winner Natalie in the 13th edition. In Paris, in the best years: 2005-2008, 2010-2014, 2017-2020. No one else has won the same Grand Slam tournament 12 times in the same match.

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