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Mateusz Damięcki is bitter about Marcin Dubiel's behavior.  "He made me angry"

Mateusz Damięcki is bitter about Marcin Dubiel’s behavior. “He made me angry”

  • In one of the October episodes of Kuba Wojewódzki’s show, Marcin Dubiel and Mateusz Damięcki gave an interview.
  • The actor, who has been avoiding going to the studio for years, mentioned in an interview with Journalista about Vozhovsky’s arrival. In harsh words, he reviewed the level provided by the other journalist’s guest
  • “I was so tired of him, the way he spoke and the way he was in my head.” Reminds
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Mateusz Damięcki was one of the guests in bed at Kuba Wojewódzki a month ago. For years the actor avoided going to the studio of a famous showman, which he revealed in his last conversation with Żurnalista. As emphasized, “He had been afraid of Kuba Wojciech for 20 years, and every time he called him.“In a recent interview, he said he turned down several opportunities to appear on the show. He said:

After overcoming fear and winning in the eyes of the audience, watch Kuba Wojciechsky’s show Mateusz Damięcki, however, had a certain aversion. This was due to the condition provided by the other guestSeated on the sofa next to the artist. This is the famous YouTuber, teen idol – Marcin Dupleix.

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You can see the rest of the article below the video:

Mathews Tomic was surprised by the behavior of Marcin Dubiel in Cuba Vozhovsky

Mateusz Damięcki Marcin admits that Dubiel’s visit made him very tired and drowned him. As he argues, the young influence aroused intense emotions within him:

“I was very tired when I saw him coming in during his interview. I was so tired of how he speaks and what he has in mind. It’s very humble, not the fatigue of elevating oneself, it’s just me I thought this guy was very different from me, representing different values More than the values ​​that my relatives and friends represent “- Tomic explained in Żurnalista.

Matilda Damięcka’s brother Marcin Dupeel said the moment he appeared on the show would cost him a lot. The actor did not hide his frustration and fear In the future his son’s statues may become people who present values ​​and behaviors similar to those of Marcin Dubiel:

When I saw Marcin, I was really sweating and felt such discomfort inside me.. I thought to myself: God, I love my sonIt will in a moment enter a parallel world, i.e. the Internet, I met such a man, One of the most popular YouTubers in Poland, Marcin? “- he thought.

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It was already noticed during the show that Mateusz Damięcki did not believe in Marcin Dubil, sometimes YouTube made a linguistic mistake, and the actor waited very quietly to oppose him and mercilessly insulted him with the laughter of the audience. .

Photo: andras szylagiy / MW Media

Mateusz Damięcki commented on Marcin Dubiel’s behavior

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