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UEFA Champions League. Chelsea did not give Juventus a chance. Thomas Tuchel team’s best game

From the start of the match, the hosts set the pace of the game and for the first minutes they did not allow the Juventus players to even get out of their own half. Over time, the situation on the pitch became somewhat equal, with fights taking place mainly in the middle of the pitch.

UEFA Champions League. Chelsea opens the goal bag

We saw the first win of the evening at Stamford Bridge in the 25th minute. After a corner kick and a light kick in the penalty area, Trevo Salopa, who found himself better in this situation, gave a strong lead to Thomas Toussaint’s team.

The response from the spectators could come four minutes later, but after Alvaro Morata tried to lop the Chelsea goalkeeper, Diego Silva kicked the ball outside the goal line. We did not score in the first half and Chelsea entered the dressing room in a better mood than Massimo Allegri’s side.

UEFA Champions League. Juventus on the knee

After the break the picture of the game remained unchanged and continued to win and try to increase the lead. It had already come in the 56th minute when Reese James was knocked out by a powerful shot on the long post and the condition of the Vojtech Schseny team was worse and worse.

To make matters worse for the guests, two minutes later it was 3: 0. Ruben Loftus Seek’s superb action was played off the first ball in the penalty area and Callum Hudson completed the Odoi game in practice, giving the hosts a three-goal lead. In extra time, Timo Werner completed the destruction for Juventus with a fourth goal

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The second half ensured the complete dominance of Chelsea’s players, who gave their opponents too little to attack, and the result seemed to be the smallest punishment for the Italian spectators. With this victory, Chelsea, who beat Juventus in the group table, are in first place today with the same number of points as their opponents. The fight for first place in the group will be decided in the last round, when Chelsea will take on Zinedine Zidane, who will lead the spectators from Malmo.

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