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Young Boys - Atlanta.  Atlanta beats the draw and still expects promotion.  UEFA Champions League

Young Boys – Atlanta. Atlanta beats the draw and still expects promotion. UEFA Champions League

Before the Young Boys game, Bern was last on the table with three points. They recently lost to Villarreal CF 0: 2. Atlanta Bergamo finished third with five points. Manchester United have drawn 2: 2 in previous series.

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In the 10th minute, Remo Froeler sent in Duan Zapada, who accepted the ball and shot it into the bottom corner of the goal, which put Atlanta in the lead. In the next few minutes, the spectators got some chances but they could not push the ball into the net.

In the 39th minute the situation was reversed. Michael Abisher crosses from a corner. Jordan Seabatz scored well in the penalty area and Audi equalized with a head shot. The referee used the VAR system goal, but eventually conceded victory, until the break it was tied at 1-1.

In the 51st minute Jose Luis went for a superb pass to Palomino, who entered the list of scorers with a good shot from the left column. After VAR analysis, the referee decided the goal was correct and Atlanta was back in the lead.

Between 80 and 84 minutes, the Young Boys scored twice. First, Vincent Sierro hit the first ball, then Sylvan Hefty hit the left corner of the goal. However this did not end the shooting. In the 88th minute Luis Muriel entered the list of snipers, it was 3: 3.

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Both teams shared points without changing the outcome at the end of the match. In the table, Atalanta is six points behind Villarreal CF. The two teams will face off in the final round. The Young Boys, in last place with four points, will now play against Manchester United.

Young Boys Bernardo – Atlanta Bergamo 3: 3 (1: 1)

Goals: Jordan Seabatz (39), Vincent Sierro (80), Sylvan Hefty (84) – Duan Sabada (10), Jose Luis Palomino (51), Luis Muriel (88)