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"One in ten".  Tadeusz Sznuk may lose his job.  A pilot episode was filmed with possible follow-up

“One in ten”. Tadeusz Sznuk may lose his job. A pilot episode was filmed with possible follow-up

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Aside from the initial credits and the look of the studio, the “One of Ten” shows have not changed over the years – including the host. Tadeusz Sznuk has been the host of the cult game since 1994, and is the longest-running television program on Polish television. It is difficult to imagine anyone else in the role of a leader other than the ever-adopted and kind approach to Sznuk’s participants. Still, as we learned from Roman Sezarek’s book “Guldow game shows”, Polish television tried to change the host of the game show.

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“One in ten”. Tadeusz Sznuk should be replaced by other leaders

From an excerpt from Sezarek’s book published by, we learn that Tadeusz Sznuk can feel the breath of competition on his back. At least one episode was recorded by a potential heir, but Snuck still does not know who was planned to replace him.

I know at least one pilot episode was recorded with another person. After all, such a secret does not last long. Always someone will say something sooner or later. But I do not know who it is – the “one in ten” leader reveals.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the lack of change is sure to turn out well for the game show as the show continues to gather more viewers in front of the TVs. According to, “one in ten” in the spring of 2021 was viewed by an average of 1.31 million viewers.

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Participants continue to amaze participants with their amazing achievements. So far in 2018 Dominic Rouyer has scored the most points – 906. With this the player broke his own record in 2013. In December 2021, Polish television will begin airing the 128th season of “One of Ten” and there are no signs yet that it will soon disappear from the game show schedule.