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Champions League: Sebastien Holler caught up with Robert Lewandowski in the scorers’ rankings.

Ajax Amsterdam’s Sebastien Haller Besiktas scored twice in the Champions League match against Istanbul 2-1, and he topped the list of goalscorers with nine goals, along with Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski.

The Netherlands have already won their fifth match with the hope of advancing to the 1/8 final, and have the absolute points behind Bayern Munich and Liverpool, who face FC Porto in the fifth round on Wednesday evening.

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The hosts were in the lead after Algerian player Rashid Kessel used a penalty until the break in Istanbul. Holler came on from the start of the second half and equalized in the 54th over. The 27-year-old international from Cote d’Ivoire scored in the 69th minute.

Ajax will fight Sporting Lisbon on December 7 to end the group stage undefeated. Portugal play Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday evening. Both teams have six points each and are fighting for second place with a boost to the 1/8 final.

In LM Inter Milan’s already finished second match, after two wins by experienced Bosnian Edina Djieko, he defeated Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0. Italy’s champion leads Group D with 10 points. .


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