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mBank has a new idea for francs.  I want to ship my clients

mBank has a new idea for francs. I want to ship my clients

Currency conversion costs not only on the bank but also on the borrower. MBank would like to offer this solution to its customers. However, there is little evidence that franc borrowers would agree to this idea. Especially since they can earn more in court.

Rzeczpospolita informs about the new idea for mBank. As we read in the magazine, this idea was presented by the head of the bank, Cesary Stepukowski, who appeared in the courtroom as the audience. after the session He spoke about the position of the bank in the context of Swiss franc loans.

According to the testimony of the franchisees present at the session, the Chairman stated that mBank is working on an experimental settlement program whose purpose is to distribute the actual exchange rate risk equally between the bank and the borrowerرض– We read in “Rzeczpospolita”.

The head of one of the largest commercial banks in Poland stated that the current jurisprudence of the courts is unacceptable to him. Let us remind you that many courts take the borrowers side in these disputes and invalidate the loan agreements made.