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Media reports said that former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will leave politics

Sebastian Kurz resigned as Chancellor of Austria in October, after he was accused of bribing one of the country’s largest newspapers to report positively on him. It is also suspected that Kurtz and his closest aides ordered false opinion polls that inflated the politician’s popularity. The investigation is not yet complete.

At a news conference Thursday morning, Sebastian Kurz said he is innocent of the charges, and looks forward to the day that is confirmed in court. Politics really should be a competition over who has the best ideas, the former adviser said.

He said my daily political life was now less about presenting the best ideas, and more about defending myself against accusations.

Since then, Kurz His resignation remained as the leader of the country’s largest party, the ÖVP. He was succeeded by former Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg as chancellor. Dear Standard Magazine He writes that the country’s Interior Minister Karl Nahamer is expected to take over as chancellor, and cites sources with insight into the government. The ÖVP leadership plans to hold a meeting on Friday.

When Sebastian Kurz was appointed chancellor in 2017, he was 31 years old, the youngest person to hold the position in the country’s history. His government collapsed with the right-wing nationalist FPÖ party in connection with the infamous Ibiza scandal, in the spring of 2019. In the fall of the same year, Sebastian Kurz ÖVP again became the largest party, and was able to form a government with the Greens.

the previous The chancellor has been nicknamed “Wunderwuzzi” – a miracle – and has been praised for giving the ÖVP new life. Under the leadership of Sebastian Kurz, the party’s color changed from black to turquoise and was able to reach new constituencies. But the politician was on several occasions subjected to criminal investigations and, among other things, was accused of giving false testimony in connection with the investigation into the Ibiza scandal.

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Regarding the investigations, Sebastian Kurz questioned the independence of the judiciary, and claimed that the accusations were politically motivated. Natasha Strobel, a professor of political science, journalist and member of the opposition SPÖ, says the politician’s behavior has harmed democracy in the country.

– It reminds us of what Viktor Orban is doing in Hungary, as she previously told DN.

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