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Media: Stal Gorzów's leader detained.  Serious allegations

Media: Stal Gorzów’s leader detained. Serious allegations

Marek G., chairman of Speedway Stall Corso, was about to be detained by the services – reports According to media reports, the case is related to tax offenses.

Lucas Gucera

Ground of Edward Jankors

WP SportoweFakty / Dawid Lis / In the photo: Stadium im. Edward Jankors

Information that Marek G. was allegedly arrested appeared in the local community. We tried to confirm it in the source, but the head of Stall Corso was turned off for several hours. We are currently trying to confirm these reports in the club and services – since none of the steel representatives answered the phone, we sent questions to the club in this regard.

We also contacted Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman for the Minister-Coordinator of Secret Services. There is information confusion in the media regarding the alleged arrest of Marek ji. Some sources say he was arrested by the CBAP, while others – at the request of the CBŚP.

We also called on the mayor of Corso to comment on the current situation, but could not be reached for comment.

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On the other hand,’s data shows that G.C. Shows to be arrested.

Marek G. in one of the cities in southern Poland. The local service says he will be arrested. The trial is set to begin on Thursday.

Marek G. Corso has been managing the club since the fall of 2019. During his tenure, Stahl returned to the top of the PGE Extralica, fighting for medals at the Polish team championship.

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