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The prosecutor's office appealed to the court against the sentence

The prosecutor’s office appealed to the court against the sentence

Alexandra Scriniers, a spokeswoman for the Warsaw District Attorney’s Office, told the PAP that an appeal against the sentence had been filed in Warsaw District Court on Monday, June 6. “In the May 4, 2022 judgment, the prosecutor charged that there was no total measure of punishment imposed on the accused in relation to social harm and the extent of the offense,” the prosecutor said.

“According to the prosecutor’s office, the fact that the fine is so low does not fulfill its function on the basis of public and specific restraint and does not satisfy the sense of social justice,” he noted. “Proper assessment of the circumstances affecting the sentence leads to the conclusion that the accused Beta B should be severely punished. The appeal was requested by the public prosecutor,” said a spokesman for the Okrikova State Attorney’s Office in Warsaw.

Beta Beatrice, whose real name is Kozitrok, filed a conviction in early May in Warsaw Mokotov District Court for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was fined 200 PLN 250 each and banned from driving for five years. 20 thousand to pay. Victims’ Assistance Funding and PLN Benefits for Penal Aid.

The rest of the text below the video:

Beta Cositrack was driving under the influence of alcohol

On September 1, 2021, at approximately 19:40 hrs, the beta stopped at the BMW wheel at the intersection of Cositrack. Batory Street with Niepodległości in the Mokotów District of Warsaw. The study showed two areas of alcohol in the air expelled by the artist.

The other drivers informed police that the driver of the BMW car may have been drunk. A couple of witnesses traveling in the same direction as the singer of the band “Bajm” noticed that the vehicle he was driving changed lanes and came very close to other cars, thus forcing the reaction of other road users. According to one of the interviewees, BMW overcame the obstacles. The incident was recorded by a person traveling in a car. Witnesses who prevented the artist from leaving the Al meeting. Niepodległości et al. Battery until police arrive.

Beta Cositrack, who was at the scene, told police he had attended a meeting that ended at 2 a.m. the previous day. That’s when she should have drunk, she calculated she drank a liter of wine. At the police station, during a suspicious interrogation, she pleaded guilty but exercised her right to remain silent and answer questions.

The singer of the band “Pazm” released a short statement on September 2. On social media he wrote: “Dear, forgive everyone. I know I fell for you. I’m wholeheartedly sorry for what happened yesterday. I’m so ashamed. I know I have to bear the consequences of that. I know what happened. I’m ready for it.”

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