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Mélanie Hénique, qualified for the 50m half at the Tokyo Olympics: ‘The goal is to get to the final’

Melanie Haines (13th at 24’69) : “Go. It was the first goal. Missing things. I waited a week to swim. It’s 50 meters, it’s my only event in the Games and there is no room for error. Everything is in place. Best.It’s my first Olympic semi-final!I feel like I’m leaving quickly, I find it hard to focus because I drifted off and do some bullshit at the end.It will be necessary to stay calm until the end I think it can give something good tomorrow (Saturday, semi-finals at 4.30 a.m.). The goal is to reach the final no matter the weather. “

Mary Wattell (18th and 24’82) : “I’m a bit frustrated. I realized that only my 100m butterfly goal was achieved. I am a little frustrated with the front crawl events even though I worked hard on it. I think I lack freshness, like the other girls, because they don’t swim fast to get into Semi-finalists There are others who are good at managing large programs, such as Emma McKeon (Australian). We will have to learn and raise our level in three years (In Paris). I accept these games positively and some frustrations. It will motivate me for the next three years. I’ve had my best time in gaming, I’ve learned to deal with gaming pressure, and swim alongside the best. For my personal goals, I wanted more. But it’s not very dangerous…”