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Meningitis in Aaron Seidl – Darmstadt 98 striker runs out |

Meningitis in Aaron Seidl – Darmstadt 98 striker runs out |

Aaron Seidl will miss the Darmstadt 98 season opener due to dermatitis. Coach Torsten Lieberknecht doesn’t have much staff available in the storm.

A new chapter has been added to Aaron Seydel’s medical record. The striker recently suffered from headaches, fatigue and dizziness. During examinations at the University Hospital Mainz, meningitis was diagnosed, that is, meningitis. “Siedl will remain in hospital this week for observation after a few days of rest, then the load will gradually increase in close consultation with the medical department,” SV Darmstadt 98 reported on Wednesday. He had completed additional shifts at the training camp in Herxheim.

After Seydel fails: Lilien urgently needs a new striker

For Seydel personally, that means another health setback. The 26-year-old has been out for an entire year due to a heel injury, and an Achilles tendon operation kept him sidelined for several months at Leylin. Darmstadt are hoping for a quick return for the two-meter-tall striker who scored six goals in the 2021/22 season. But the remaining doubts remain. Seydel played his last match on April 9, when he was knocked out at halftime in the Nuremberg match.

At this point, coach Torsten Lieberknecht still had the duo’s best strikers Luca Pfeiffer and Phillip Tietz. Pfeiffer has not been able to maintain Leylin’s loyalty to them yet, as it is currently being discussed with VFB Stuttgart. So Liberknecht said at the beginning of the preparations: “When a striker like Luca Pfeiffer leaves now, you have to try to find someone there first.” There are 17 goals to be substituted – and that’s no easy task for sporting director Carsten Wellman, who is under pressure. Because the situation in the front row has come to a head with Seydel’s fracture.

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Only Leipold and Tietz are available for Lieberknecht

Only with Tietze and Andre Leibold, who came from fourth division Wackerburghausen in the winter and have collected just 30 minutes from the second division so far, would it be extremely dangerous to enter the season starting July 16 (Saturday/1pm) at Jan Regensburg. So the search for another striker is a top priority for Darmstadt, which narrowly missed out on promotion last season, also thanks to their best striker. Sydel’s bitter failure increases pressure.

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