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Meta offers its tool to avoid “spam connection” in the metaverse

Meta offers its tool to avoid “spam connection” in the metaverse

MADRID. – To ensure the safety of people with a Horizon Worlds video game account, in metaverso, meta Introduced a new tool.

This security solution in the metaverse is Personal Boundary, a border system capable of maintaining a safe distance between avatars and preventing unwanted interactions between them in real time, as well as invading each individual’s personal space.

It’s an option that the company announced in early February, and it can’t be deactivated – because it’s automatically generated when you start the game – with which it intends to promote a safe environment in the Horizon Worlds metaverse.

It does this by having individual bubbles surrounding the characters so they can’t be approached, a complementary action to another already implemented by the company that erases avatars’ hands when they enter someone else’s space.

Meta released the changes to the Personal Boundary system with a statement, explaining that it’s now possible to choose from three options that give their community more personalized controls so they can decide how they want to interact and limit their personal space.

The first of these is the automatically activated “For Non-Friends” option. This is the setting that creates a personal border of about 1.2 meters between your avatar and any other user who is not on your friends list.

“When two people meet in Horizon Worlds, the personal limit will default to the more restrictive setting,” the company added in a press release sent to Europa Press.

From now on, the Meta system also allows you to activate this distance for everyone or, on the contrary, deactivate it. This last option does not mean that avatars can meet in the metaverse, but a minimum distance of 1.2 meters will still be maintained to avoid unwanted interactions.

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From the company insisted that these new options “should make it easier to raise the five fists and take selfies with other avatars in Horizon Worlds,” as evidenced by this statement.

They also note that they continue to iterate and improve as they learn more about the impact of personal boundaries on user experiences in VR.