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Sony may make older hardware compatible with modern PlayStation consoles

Sony may make older hardware compatible with modern PlayStation consoles

As part of Nintendo’s announced plan, 3ds– And the Wei YuWith eShops closing in 2023, more attention is being paid to preserving video games, and while some gamers are content to embrace the current culture of remasters and remasters on modern hardware, others see a clear need to revitalize legacy software and hardware.

In this sense it seems Sony Taking steps to ensure legacy PlayStation content continues to occupy games, and a new patent suggests legacy PS peripherals could be made compatible with modern hardware in the near future.

A on June 30, 2022 from Sony Interactive Entertainment A patent pending titled “Systems and Methods for Converting Legacy Code to Updated Code” describes a video game emulation process that Sony may use in the near future. Filled with jargon, it’s not easy for a non-novice to decipher, although an interesting addition comes in the form of a diagram that appears to outline software integration methods intended to make older PlayStation hardware like EyeToy available to new consoles.

Sony’s PlayStation C patent

It’s hard to say exactly what Sony in mind, but this seems to indicate that one day the official integration of legacy PlaySation content will be comprehensive enough to include physical memory card support. This sounds so accurate, it’s almost unnecessary and comes from a company that seems to have chosen to forego PS3 emulation on the PS5. However, memory cards were an important part of the fifth and sixth generation of consoles, and while annoying, some gamers might argue that there is value in going back to those old traditions.

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The same graph also includes what appears to be a PlayStation Move controller, which has some interesting implications. Originally released in 2010, it was playstation move It was originally intended to be a competitor to the Microsoft Kinect, although consoles are also paired with PSVR Headphones Shipped by Sony. Sony recently reiterated its commitment to PSVR and virtual reality gaming, though the headset isn’t shown in the diagram, which could signal a precedent for some kind of future integration.

Plus, the appearance of a PS3-era device alongside the old PlayStation integration documentary would have some fans excited. Sony’s intent to obtain this patent is not explicitly clear, but it seems to suggest that PS3 PlayStation Move games could come back in some form.