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NASA dates August or September for the first Artemis mission to the moon

NASA dates August or September for the first Artemis mission to the moon

The NASA Bring back the launch window to boot Artemis 1the first step to the return of humans to Luna.

From August 23 to September 6, the space agency proposes to launch the system consisting of the rocket SLS and the capsule Orion.

The way to the moon

Date provided by Jim Free, Associate Administrator of Exploration Systems Development Program at NASA, In an interview with Ars Technica.

“That’s what we’re aiming for,” Frey told outlets. “It would be foolish not to focus on that now. We made amazing progress last week.”

The NASA Ensures that the fourth wet rehearsal rocket SLS It was successful despite the previous count not being finished until the exact moment it should be released.

Although not ideal, the agency considers a respectful time to correct problems that occurred during testing, such as replacing a seal that caused a hydrogen leak.

What would Artemis 1 look like?

Artemis 1 It will consist of sending the missile SLS with capsule Orion to orbit Luna.

The SLS, The most powerful agency to date, the craft will push toward the satellite, but it won’t carry any humans. All data generated by the mission, however, will serve Artemis 2planned for 2023 (although with delays, it may not happen until 2024), will move astronauts to the same orbit as the Moon.

Both missions will be key to Artemis 3which will culminate in the landing of man on the surface of the moon within more than five decades.

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