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MGI supports Africa in the fight against COVID-19

Shenzhen, China (ots / PRNewswire) Local increase in COVID-19 cases is supported in light M.G.I., A global inventor in life science technology, African countries with limited resources.

New variants of COVID-19 have emerged in Africa and are a growing concern around the world. Recently Natural In a published study, scientists expressed concern that these new strains may not be able to fight off current vaccines and that re-infections may occur. The study also found that the South African variant of some of the monoclonal antibodies currently used to treat COVID-19 patients is increasing.

MGI provided it Nigerian Medical Research Institute (NIMR), Nigeria’s leading medical research firm, acquires DNA sequence model DNPSEQ-G50 and a robotic nucleoside extraction and sample preparation method, MGISP-100 , Facilitates genetic monitoring of infectious strains for the country’s health authority. The organization will also “support Nigeria in the fight against the Lhasa flu virus, yellow fever, Ebola and other infectious agents identified by the genetic code,” the Nigerian health minister said. Adilek Mamora.

MGI provided the DNBSEQ-G50, a genetic sequence model for a major government COVID-19 testing laboratory in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The much-needed tool from a country living in poverty will support the country’s efforts in virus detection and genetic monitoring for COVID-19 strains as public health resources are scarce.

MGI technology improves the speed, efficiency and affordability of laboratory tasks. DNBSEQ-G50 Based on the company’s own DNBSEQTM technology, it is a portable and flexible bench top sequencer that supports a wide variety of applications including clinical research, clinical diagnosis and agriculture. MGISP-100 It is an automated workstation for preparing biological models for high-performance sequencing, which significantly reduces manual manipulation.

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MGI’s tools greatly increase the speed of COVID-19 testing and ensure the safety of leading health workers. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, MGI has been actively involved in the global fight against COVID-19 in various countries, including China, Thailand, Latvia, Sweden, and Australia.

M.G.I. (MGI Tech Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary of the PGI Group, which provides effective and affordable solutions for health products to all users. MGI’s multi-omix platforms based on proprietary technology include reactions, clinical imaging, laboratory automation and genetic sequencing. MGI offers comprehensive, real-time, lifelong solutions and is committed to developing and promoting advanced life science tools for future healthcare. More information can be found at MGIWebsite Or follow us Twitter Or Center.

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