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Miami – Concerns about more racing in the collapsed building

On Sunday, it’s been more than three days since the 12-story building in Surfside, Miami, suddenly collapsed. Since then, the community and many relatives have been shocked. More than 150 people are still missing and nine have been confirmed dead. Four other victims have been identified according to the press conference held on Sunday.

Large parts of Surfside were cordoned off, and the area expanded on Sunday.

Rescue work is progressing frantically but slowly because it is a very complex process. Dogs, cameras, and cranes have been used, among other things, and staff are on site from several parts of the United States and Mexico. The night before Sunday, Swedish time, the rescue operation entered a new phase.

We work from the top and from the bottom and we have teams across entire racial audiences, says Alan Kominsky.

Alan Kominsky.

picture: Larry Marano / shutterstock / Larry Marano / shutterstock

there is hope

Rescue efforts were difficult – due to torrential rains and fires. Relatives and compatriots began to feel frustrated and impatient with the lack of information.

But there is still hope.

– We will continue the rescue efforts today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and as long as necessary, says the commander of the rescue service.

The cause of the building’s collapse is currently unclear, and a thorough investigation is expected to take time. However, the thing that was created is that there were problems with the building, which, according to information from the Associated Press, is estimated to cost 9 million dollars, which is equivalent to 80 million Swedish kronor.

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The rescue service fears more racing.

picture: AL DIAZ / AP TT News Agency

“Non-stop work”

According to a report from 2018, there were significant shortcomings, especially with regard to construction under the pool and garage area. Several experts the Miami Herald spoke to believed that the area under the pond collapsed first, which must have collapsed the garage, causing a hole in which the rest of the building fell.

On Sunday, the authorities responded to criticism of the search efforts. Critics say it’s too slow, something the head of the rescue service, Alan Kominsky, has vehemently denied.

– As the ethnic masses rest on an unstable foundation, there is a danger of more landslides, which is the worst thing that can happen, and it will annihilate the hope of the people there. Therefore, the effort must be made with great care. We are working non-stop and at the speed that it is going.

At 2 p.m. local time, relatives head to the area around the landslides.

Dulce Opis, who misses her sister Maria Bonnevoy, is on her way there and appreciates the opportunity.

– They’ve got my sister’s number and they’re going to call her phone to see where she was last tracked, she says.

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