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Konto Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Microsoft account and internet are required to install Windows 11 Pro

Some of Microsoft’s decisions are controversial. The Redmond giant recently updated its store rules and policies. However, now it is dealing with one of the versions of Windows. Users are already irritated by the thought that a Microsoft account and internet connection will be mandatory when installing Windows 11 Pro.

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A Microsoft account and internet connection are required to install Windows 11 Pro

Microsoft is looking to make some serious changes to Windows 11 Pro. Users won’t really like it During the installation phase, they will need to be connected to the Internet. Furthermore, the Redmond giant will also require an official Microsoft account. Many users prefer to use a regular local account that does not require the Internet.

However, this should not come as a shock to those familiar with the changes in the system. Microsoft used the same tactic in the case of Windows 11 Home. It’s been going on for nearly a year. We can see from the statistics that this does not deter users from switching to the company’s new platform. So, apparently, only a few dissatisfied fans shouted on Internet forums, fearing being spied on or feeling a lack of freedom of choice. I wonder if saving some data during installation on links is a problem – for me it is not.

Interestingly, some users have found a way to “tighten” Microsoft. It was enough to disconnect the computer from the Internet during setup and create a local user account. This practice is also likely to be curtailed. However, users are already threatening to start creating fake accounts and local accounts later.

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Microsoft Account – Setup is not difficult, but it leaves a lot to be desired

Is there really something that can be “beaten” on the Internet? I do not think so. Creating a Microsoft account is not difficultalthough some of its aspects leave much to be desired.

Microsoft account

You can find all the options you need in Settings > Accounts > Your Microsoft account. Here we will see basic information about Microsoft 365 products. By the way, I will add that the Redmond giant announces that one subscription can be shared by up to five people. The suite includes Office Premium and up to 6 TB of cloud storage.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro account

Unfortunately, all Microsoft account options available in Settings are linked to the official Microsoft website. This applies to payment and subscription options, as well as the ability to create an account or manage existing accounts. Fortunately, the website on which we create and manage data is clear and aesthetic. Data can be entered or changed quickly and easily. However, I hope this is done from the OS level in the future.

The advantages of having a Microsoft account include better system performance. It’s also the settings and files that sync automatically across devices.

Source: theverge