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Microsoft is testing its new office

a few days ago Microsoft Officially Introduced His New Operating System Windows 11, but it’s not the only novelty the company has planned for this year. The beta users What comes with it has already been reached new office It is basically a file new design.

members office insiders, That is, those who previously registered to access the company’s new tools, can now get new interface Test username before making it available to all users Microsoft 365 later this year.

According to them, the main changes are in the design. You’re now seeing a rounded look at the Office Ribbon Bar, with subtle tweaks to some of the buttons in it Word, Excel and PowerPoint s prospects.

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It must be said that Microsoft originally planned to make more significant changes to its Office user interface, for example showing a new command bar instead of the traditional ribbon interface. However, the company apparently decided to include only some minor changes. But that doesn’t mean you’ve given up on your idea. Microsoft still working on adaptive command أمر Which will eventually replace the Office ribbon interface with a toolbar that can be detached to float and provide functionality in documents.

That was expected the changes They appear first on the web and mobile versions of Office, before any important design revisions to the major desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Microsoft said last year that these changes could take a year or two to roll out, so we’re only starting to see the first changes in time for Windows 11 at this point.

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The new Office provides a simpler and more consistent experience across all applications so people can more easily focus on work, said Cory Loomis, Program Manager for the Office Experience Team. “he is Raising the level of Visual Office relies on feedback from customers who have requested a more natural and consistent experience within and between their apps, specifically on windows“.

In addition, Office now matches the theme configured in Windows including black, ie, dark road. Although the user can also choose because they are two different.

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New Jobs

But at the level productivity There are also new functions to explore. For example, a user might create a PowerPoint presentation while referencing Word and excel To get the information you need. You can then share your presentation with Outlook.

Now also it will be easier to work on Shared or shared documents. People will be able to select the colored presence indicators in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, to quickly find where their co-authors are in real time.

In this version, the Quick Access Toolbar is hidden by default to simplify the interface. To show it again, simply right-click on the ribbon or on the display options icon and then on Show Quick Access Toolbar.

This updated Microsoft Office interface is available for testers in . format Windows 10 Same as in Windows 11. But you need to be part of the Office Insider group and configured to receive beta updates at Settings de office.

It is also necessary to note that the file Technique He understands that users will not have the best experience, there are still some bugs he is working on, and in fact, he is asking for feedback so he can identify and correct them.