Microsoft wants to make printing on Windows 11 easier. A new print queue has now been introduced for this. The print list for legacy Windows apps is also sent to the side. However, it may take some time before the new functionality reaches all users.

Although Microsoft does not manufacture its own printers, it is responsible for managing under Windows. Not much has happened in this area in recent years – but it has The group has now announced two innovations. It can already be tested in Windows 11 beta. However, in Windows 10, it should not be offered.

Windows 11: Microsoft is testing a new printer software

With Insider Build 22572 from Windows 11, Microsoft has one Create a new print queue. This adapts to the design of the system and looks more modern than before. According to Microsoft, the feature was designed “with simplicity in mind.” Print jobs should be easy to select and manage (Source: Windows Insider Blog).

This is what the new Windows 11 print queue looks like:

New print queue for Windows 11. Image source: Windows Insider Blog.

They fall more clearly Differences in old Win32 applications On Windows 11. Sometimes an outdated design was used here that did not keep up with the times for a long time. As long as Win32 does not offer its own interface for printing, a more modern window now appears. This also applies to special Windows applications such as Notepad or Paint.

You must know these tips and tricks to get started with Windows 11:

Windows 11. More elegant printing only after update

So far, the new print queue and print queue cannot be found in the latest version of Windows 11. This is not likely to change in the near future. With an introduction to all users Only in fall 2022 Expected when “Sun Valley 2” update is distributed as planned.

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