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Milan outclass, knocked out, demolished.  Coming back to the throne after 11 years.Football

Milan outclass, knocked out, demolished. Coming back to the throne after 11 years.Football

Eleven years, exactly 4033 days – how many Milan fans had to wait for the Italian Championship. For one of the most successful Italian teams, these years have been a real dream and misery. Because at that time AC Milan were only able to win two Italian Super Cups. For such a big club, a seven-time Champions League winner, it was a huge disappointment. During this period, AC Milan were only able to finish tenth in Serie A (2013/2014 season) and seven times off the podium. This is a shame.

This season, AC Milan was born again. In 38 games, 26 wins, eight draws and four defeats. Milan won the derby with Inter 2: 1 in February this year and brought a lot. The defender of the trophy, instead of increasing the advantage to seven points, lost it and scored only one point. After that, AC Milan were in crisis, conceding just four goals in six consecutive league games and a goalless draw against Bologna and Torino. The end of the season was enjoyable – six wins in a row and a goal draw: 13: 2.

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Rafael Leo show!

Prior to the final round, AC Milan were in a comfortable position as they had two points more than Inter and had the better balance of straight matches, and with equal points in Serie A, this was what determined the top spot. As a result, they only managed to win the title in the Milan draw. Inter had to win and count the defeat of the local rival.

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After seven weak opening minutes, Milan’s true dominance began with eighteen thousand spectators. (In the arena with 21,000 fans) the audience created four good situations for themselves within 180 seconds, but to no avail. Andrea Concepcion defended Oliver Girodin’s header well from six meters and won the fight with Alexis Salemakers.

Milan reached their goal in the 17th minute. Leo then intercepted the ball in the middle of the field, ran several dozen meters with it, sent it to Girod on the left, and eleven meters, scored a goal between the goalkeepers’ legs.

A quarter of an hour later the situation came back to normal. Again Leo Gian took the ball from Marco Ferrari, and a moment later he easily crossed him to the left and took it to Giro in the eighth meter, where he successfully got the foot again. The French players have played poorly in the previous three games: with Fiorentina, Verona and Atlanta, but now he has shown tremendous class. Giroud became the senior Serie A player to score at least 10 goals in his new season at Serie A. He did so in 35, 234 days.

In the 36th minute the hosts lost another goal at their own request. Again after my own mistake. Rat Chronic, taking the ball from a sidekick, scored for Leo, who found Frank Cessie right in the penalty area, who scored strongly and effectively against the crossbar.

For Leo it was the third assist in the first half. The Milan player has lost the game since the 2004/2005 season. The last player to do so was Lorenzo Pellegrini – September 15, 2019.

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This is the sixth assist for Leo in the last five games. He scored two of those goals. His balance in all competitions this season: 42 appearances, 14 goals and 12 assists.

Not much happened in the second half. AC Milan were pleased with the result and hesitated to attack more boldly. In the end, the Post saved him too, and Calabria wasted a good chance for the fourth goal.

19 Milan title

AC Milan won the 19th championship in club history. He did it in an amazing way, winning the last six games of the season. AC Milan caught Inter-runner-up with a 3-0 win over Samperia on Sunday. Juventus are leading with 36 titles.

It is already known that Napoli finished third and Juventus fourth in Serie A. Both teams will play in the Champions League. Lazio and Roma will appear in the Europa League and the Fiorentina Conference League. Genoa and Venice have both dropped out of Serie A.

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The third heir is Cochlear (29 points) or Salernitana (31). The first 21 will face Venice on Sunday, while Udinese will take Salerno with him.