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Minimum and maximum term, limited number: FIFA announces new rules for player loans

The international body decided to amend the loan regulations to “promote player development” in particular.

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MThe International Football Association announced, on Wednesday, at the meeting of the FIFA Council in Doha, Qatar, where the World Cup draw will be held, on Friday, the amendment of the rules related to loans. The reform will take effect from next season.

From 1 July, the loan period will be limited to one year and FIFA will also limit the number of players the club will be allowed to loan and rent. “Through this we want to promote player development and sporting balance,” FIFA said in a statement on Wednesday.

In addition to the maximum term of one year, the loan must now also last at least half a season, that is, the period between two transition periods. From next summer, the club will be able to have a maximum of eight players on loan at the same time. Loans issued will also be subject to the same rule. This rule will evolve over time, and as of July 1, 2023, the number of loans will be limited to seven and will decrease to six after one year.

Another peculiarity, a maximum of three players can be rented from the same club and no player can be loaned to another club during the same season. These new rules will not apply to players under the age of 22 or to footballers trained by the loan club.

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