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Miss Supernational 2021. Won the Miss Namibia pageant

Miss Supernational 2021. Won the Miss Namibia pageant

Miss Supernational 2021 is behind us. The 12th edition of the competition took place in Novi Sox, and the entire event was hosted by dancer Anna Matlevska and Belarusian presenter and YouTuber Ivan Botres. 58 candidates from around the world participated in the contest, including Natalia Balika from Poland.

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In addition to the winner, the crown and the title she deserves for one year, PLN also received awards worth over 200,000. zloty. Poland was represented by Natalia Balika – the first runner-up of Miss Poland 2020, as well as a medical student.

Miss Supernational 2021. She became the most beautiful woman in the world

Eight people sat in June, Monica Lewzuk, Katarcina Kresovska, Marcorsada Kulovska and Robert Sebel. Miss Panama, Miss Venezuela and Miss Trinidad and Tobago, and Miss Kenya are the first to win complementary titles and reach the final 24.

Photo: Łukasz Kalinowski / Eastern News

Miss Supernational 2021

The next models to qualify for the next stage came Romanians, Haiti, Belgium, India, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, France, Indonesia, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland, Japan, Namibia, Peru, El Salvador, Philippines and Brazil.

Following that, the judges selected samples for 12 of the lucky ones, including candidates. Belgium, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Venezuela, Namibia, India, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Romania, South Africa and Indonesia.

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Photo: Łukasz Kalinowski / Eastern News

Miss Supernational 2021

After more performances by the artists and some breaks, the final 5 was finally selected. Miss Dominican Republic went there first, followed by Miss Namibia, Miss South Africa, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Venezuela. Unfortunately, Natalia Balika was expelled.

4th runner-up in Miss Supernational 2021 Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Supernational 2021 became the 3rd runner-up Venezuela Miss.

Miss South National became the 2nd runner-up Miss South Africa in 2021.

Miss Puerto Rico is the 2nd runner-up of Miss Supranational 2021.

Miss Supernational 2021 Miss Namibia – Sonic Rabe.

Photo: Dorota Czoch / Magazine Products

Miss Namibia

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