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PKO Extraclassa.  Wisł Pok - Lech Poznań Online Game.  It all depends on the collegiate.  Where to watch on TV?  Live TV Transmission

PKO Extraclassa. Wisł Pok – Lech Poznań Online Game. It all depends on the collegiate. Where to watch on TV? Live TV Transmission

Wisł Pok – Lech Poznań Online Game. Kolajors returns to the leader’s seat and tries to protect him without the involvement of the attackers because one of them is out and the other two have health problems. Wisła Płock – Where to watch the Lech match live on TV? Check out the online stream of Wisła Płock – Lech competition online. Live broadcast of Wisła Płock – Lech game on

Wisł Pok – Lech Poznań Online Game

This year Lech has trouble maintaining the equivalent, superior form. Some matches “push”, in others it can knock down an opponent. Recently he had a physical fight with Legia Warszawa, which ended in a draw (1: 1). Despite the modest achievements, the Maciej Skorża team returned to the top spot and is now watching Pogoń z Raków from there – will it stay that way until the end of the season?

If Lech has concerns about the competition with Wisla, they are fully justified. Due to the cards, Michael Ishaq will not be appearing, and David Cavanaugh will complain about the injury. Joao Amaral may be the most advanced midfielder.

Płocczanie is an uncomfortable contender as Pogoń Szczecin lost 1: 2 at home last weekend. Since the arrival of coach Paul Stano, the Nafiers have won three of their last four matches. They are still in the game for fourth place, guaranteeing their participation in the conference league qualifying rounds.

Maciej Skorża, coach of Lech Poznań: – We have a lot of challenges ahead of us and I’m curious how this match will turn out. Coach Paul Stano said the attacker wanted to play with the ball attractive and he would do it. The enemy will not allow us to surprise anything. I don’t want to talk about motivation. If any player does not understand the seriousness of the situation, it means that we made a mistake in selecting players for our dressing room. We have to win this game.

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They will not play in the Wisła – Lech match:
Vistula: ———-
Lech: Isaac, Solomon, Sobich

Last live matches:
Leg – Wisla 4: 1 (Extraclassa, 22/10/2021)
Wisla – Lech 1: 0 (Extraclassa, 14/02/2021)

Wisła Płock – Lech Poznań Game Transmizza TV
Admission to the Wisła Płock – Lech Poznań competition will begin live. 19:30 pm Canal + Sport and Canal + 4K Ultra HD. Wisła Płock – The live broadcast of the Lech Poznań game begins at 19:55. Bartosz Gleń and Radosław Majdan will comment on the match.

Where to watch Wisła Płock – Lech Poznań game live on the Internet? Available at Junction Canal + online website and application (fee access).

20:00 Wisła Płck – Lech Poznań Competition Live
Canal + Game
Canal + 4K Ultra HD

Live broadcast of Wisła Płock – Lech Poznań game on

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