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money for immigrants. 1000 euros to go back to their country

The immigration crisis may have calmed down a bit, but it is by no means over. So, Lithuania has an interesting idea to encourage immigrants to leave the country. He will pay €1,000 for each immigrant who decides to return home.

The Lithuanian offer will be valid only until January 20, and the money will be an “addition” to the immigrant’s return ticket.

It should be noted here that the idea is not entirely new – but so far Lithuania has given returning migrants “only” 300 euros. Now the country’s authorities consider the extra money to be an even bigger trap to get back into themselves.

Where does this “generosity” come from? It’s all about the money, admits Lithuania’s Interior Minister Agni Pilotit. Sponsoring a single immigrant costs Lithuania up to 11 thousand. euros per year. It is a huge burden on the state. So we’re looking at ways to encourage immigrants to return voluntarily, says Belottit. It is more beneficial for Lithuania because … the money comes from European Commission funds, which were allocated to manage the migration crisis.

Either a wall or…Money for immigrants

The immigration crisis has already subsided a bit – or so it appears now. However, immigrants from the Middle East are still a big problem for Lithuania or Poland. According to the Lithuanian authorities, 65 attempts to illegally cross the Belarusian border were prevented in the past 24 hours.

Polish authorities are building a wall to block illegal border crossings. This does not seem to be a particularly bad strategy – whenever the Belarusian authorities decide to aggravate the crisis again. Therefore, the fence can be a good investment, although it is also expensive – because the wall absorbs more than 1.6 billion PLN.

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As you can see, the Lithuanian authorities also use softer methods of dealing with the problem.

After all, big money (1,000 euros equal to about 4,600 PLN) can certainly be an incentive to return to your country, because it is not easy for immigrants to stay in Lithuania. The country’s authorities have just said 3,272 applications have already been processed – but only 54 foreigners have been granted asylum. 400 immigrants have already decided to leave Lithuania, of whom 345 did so voluntarily.