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Moon, Venus and Mars conjunction: how and when to watch live

On Amidst the chaotic world where the coronavirus pandemic continues and there is tension due to the conflict between Russia and UkraineMaybe this is the right time Take a breath and appreciate the beauty of life and the universe. thus, We tell you when, where and how you can see the association between the Moon, Mars and Venus. Will the astronomical phenomenon be visible in Mexico?

Before you know when this unusual, but amazing pairing will appear Between the Moon, Mars, and Venus, it’s important to know what the word “conjunction” means.

What is conjugation?

The approach of two or more celestial bodies in their path across the sky is known as concurrent. It is common to The moon is associated with the planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Beware though, you should know that the same planets don’t come close to each other. In fact, they only seem to be close.

When and how do you see the conjunction of the Moon, Mars and Venus?

the link between Two planets and Earth’s satellite can be seen on Saturday morning, February 26the brightness of Venus will be seen intensely over the red planet shortly before sunrise, while The moon will be placed to the right of the two planets.

it will be from On February 26, 27 and 28, you can enjoy one of the most exciting moments of this year. Which is that the Moon, Venus and Mars will enter into the conjunction.

This astronomical phenomenon, according to the specialized website Earth Sky, is nothing but It can be seen from the northern hemisphere of the planet without the use of a telescope.

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As we wrote to you above, there will be three days when you can enjoy this pairing. Will there be a difference between any dates?

According to Earth Sky, On February 26, Venus can be seen “above Mars”, While the moon will appear on one side during sunrise.

Meanwhile, on February 27, Venus can be seen as if it were on Mars and the waning moon is above. This day the satellite is expected to have 14 percent of the illumination.

However, The best days to appreciate this conjunction are during sunrise on February 27 and 28.

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