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Mario Strikers Battle League: Nintendo Switch Review

Mario Strikers Battle League: Nintendo Switch Review

Mario Strikers Battle League: Nintendo Switch Review
In Mario Strikers Battle League for Nintendo Switch, you can use 10 different characters. Photo: Nintendo Switch

In the middle of the World Cup year, the with football Like daily bread, Nintendo can’t be left behind with grains of sand, but beware, no We will see the video assistant referee or referee spoil everything with the rules, no, Mario Strikers It is a great fight in which everything is allowed for the sole purpose of enjoying “the most beautiful sport in the world”. But, is it worth spending on them if you’re not a fan of exfoliation?

As it is Mario Streakers For a Ninto Switch?

Football but from an irreverent point of view and as nintendo pI can do that. Interventions, wild tackles, hit your opponent on the field with bombs or shells From tortoiseshell so you can get a free bow are some of the benefits that make this game special.

There is a lot to do besides sweeping, passing and shooting. Among the most important techniques charged movements that Let steal the ball Easily and make more powerful shots. But without a doubt, learning each and every one of the moves, shortcuts and special combinations like passes or filtered dribbling will help you on your way to being the best.

What are the benefits Mario Streakers For Nintendo Switch?

Besides how fun they are Passes and tackles to get the ball, especially near electrifying walls, each character you choose has “super hit”, super powerful shots with many advantages; that in issue From Mario StreakersThey have direct entry into the goal and deserve two points.

They act like luminous orbs from Smash Bross that unleash the character’s special ability. At certain moments of the match Mario StreakersA ball will appear, if you get it you will get it 20 seconds to use. The hard part is that during this time you are quite weak, so you will have to think about when to do it or just let it pass so you don’t lose the ball because the courage to drift off at the last minute will be a lot.

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But, if you manage to take the picture, you will see a special counter. If you hit the ball, the ball will go straight in, but if you miss, the goalkeeper can take the shot. The best thing about this is the animation which looks amazing; They are totally worth it, and they are a good break from football matches.

But animation or cinematics don’t just focus on each character’s special shot, when they score a goal, they score for you, or in some Match momentswhich shows the details of the characters, and the situations they go through in the duel.

One of the most important characteristics of this game is the disrespectful chaos, but not everything has to be that way, so this animation, which is of an important level of graphics, balances that chaos in which you live. Mario Stickers.

matches in Mario Streakers They are fast and intense, and require cat reactions, nerves of steel and a long period of learning and practice to be truly satisfying, so you will be disappointed along the way, especially if you encounter more experienced competitors, “com” with the highest level, and even your friends who already know how to bargain or Shoot quickly. So you need patience and many hours for that Dominate the terrain from the game.

Did Mario Strikers miss something to be a great comeback?

was more than 15 years when nintendo, In 2007 from Mario Streakers charged from Wii brought the concept of “attackers”, 5 vs 5 soccer, without rules, and thus, the expectation created around a new premium to it Nintendo SwitchSince it was announced, fans have sparked a need to get it ASAP, so was it worth the wait?

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Basically yes, but the Mario Strikers experience is not enough, a lot, because you have to make a balanced team, for example, Mario technology more than cart, But this is stronger than the first. You have to think carefully about all your players for the team to be competitive, and that is exactly at this point see the biggest Double video games

Its content is very limited. just made up out of ten letters So in some games you can get acquainted with the characteristics of each of them, while the number of playing fields is small. You can make a balanced team in a short time because there are not many options that the game offers you.

There is no story mode, no mini-game scenario, no other dynamic than football, and that’s not bad, but Mario StrikersOver time, it looks flat, with no new options to discover other than grabbing the thread of skills, dribbling and crushing the opponent.

The mode is fun, yes, but over time the experience ceases to be captivating and perhaps more characters, new game modes or even more characters is the ideal choice to improve the game experience. Mario Streakersespecially for titles like Smash Bros. or even his own Mario Golfthey did it.

The video game is 8 due to the lack of additional options, it is ideal to play in a group, the experience is not the same if you decide Play against the AI, but practicing and then challenging users online can be a good component. But the feeling won’t be like singing a target to your best friend or making fun of him as his character hits a fence. electricity. value of it.

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