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Telegram Premium for $5/month: New Messenger Subscription Model

Telegram Premium for $5/month: New Messenger Subscription Model

The Telegram messaging service introduced the recently announced payment model. With Telegram Premium, users get subscription features like faster downloads and double the upload of large files for $4.99 per month. At the same time, Telegram assures that none of the previous functions will be restricted. However, Telegram Premium is not yet available for users from Germany.

as such Telegram on your blog Announced, premium users can now upload files to Telegram’s cloud of up to 4GB instead of the usual 2GB. As a paid subscriber, you can follow up to 1000 channels (default: 500) and save 400 instead of the usual 200 GIFs. Premium users can also view voice messages in text form, get a set of exclusive stickers and emoji reactions, and animated profile pictures.

Profile text may also be longer for premium users and contain a link. In some countries, sponsored messages appear on large public channels to help fund Telegram. This is no longer offered to premium subscribers.

Telegram promises that even standard users can download larger files and see premium stickers, reactions and profile pictures. Users who do not pay cannot use it themselves. At the same time, Telegram introduced a number of new features for everyone. This includes verification badges in chats to identify which sources have been verified, and an improved chat preview on Android smartphones that displays the chat without being marked as read – similar to the iOS version.

Telegram founder Pawel Durow had already confirmed when announcing the payment service that all existing functionality would remain free and many new free features would be added. Even users who have not subscribed to the premium version that has been set up since the end of 2020 should be able to enjoy some of the benefits like very large documents, media and stickers sent by premium users.

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I heard a telegram According to the statistics service Statista Along with Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Subway Surfers as one of the five most downloaded Android apps of the year. When it comes to downloading iOS apps, Messenger ranks sixth According to Forbes magazine. As a result, Telegram says it has passed 700 million monthly active users.


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