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Diablo Immortal raised more than $20 million despite microtransaction controversy

The Blizzard title has received a lot of criticism for having to invest money to get ahead in the game. However, it has already positioned itself as the second source of income for the company.

Blizzard Asif two weeks after release Immortal Diablo beginning of June. The new title of the historical epic required small payments to be able to maximize the character’s strength, which sparked outrage in the community. Despite criticism from all over the world, The game grossed $24 million.

Blizzard has made over $20 million from Diablo Immortal

Immortal Diablo It is the latest version Blizzard A novelty is that it can be played for free for devices AndroidAnd the iOS y windows. But the fact that it is free can lead to something misleading because in order to achieve great achievements, it is necessary to invest money. And it’s not just about a few bills. Apparently it takes $110,000 to reach the character’s maximum level. Not allowed for the masses who shouted at the sky.

However, against all odds, what was created by Immortal Diablo It is historical. Earnings reached $24 million, making it the second highest game in Blizzard history, after only Hearthstone. Who can imagine that with the wave of criticism received in recent weeks?

Immortal Diablo

Where to download Diablo Immortal

The latest version of Blizzard has already been downloaded more than 8 million times worldwide. Not insignificant by any means despite the huge number of critics who have emerged in recent weeks. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play for AndroidAnd the From the Blizzard page to play it on PC y From the App Store for iOS devices.

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