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Morawiecki's carriers appeal to viaTOLL.  The Minister answers: There is no such possibility

Morawiecki’s carriers appeal to viaTOLL. The Minister answers: There is no such possibility

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Writes RMF FMFinance Minister Tadeusz Kosinski said:viaTOLL cannot be extendedAccording to him, the new system will be operational in the next month pe³ni. This was the head of the ministry’s response to the letter that the carriers sent to the first show.

Carriers are not satisfied with the new fee system. They issued an open letter to the Prime Minister

only up to 30 wrzenia Inclusive, viaTOLL will operate. As of October 1, it will be completely replaced by e-TOLL. However, the carriers note that they are lagging and appeal to Mateusz Morawiecki to extend the operating time of the expired system.

“The new e-TOLL Toll Collection system is a trap into which thousands of Polish and foreign carriers and drivers will fall on October 1st this year. The system is not ready to fully implement and take over the operation of the viaTOLL system of toll roads”- we read in the open letter of the Road Transport Forum The two sites.

According to the carriers, the new system is still in the first stage of testing, which is being conducted “on a living organism”. “Some of its basic functions have not yet been provided to users of the system” – they write. According to the gate trans.infoYou can register in the system from May 25 this year.

– said Jan Buczyk, President of the International Association of Road Transport Companies in Poland (ZMPD) – We will see for a long time the adjustment and improvement of the system, but we will bear the consequences.

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Carriers warn of the risks of regime change

Carriers also note that By Tuesday, September 28, only a few potential users had signed up for the new system. Users should have trouble registering, failure to register is subject to a fine. There are also reports of system disruptions. The signatories to the Land Transport Forum are therefore calling for the e-TOLL system to be suspended “until it is fully operational”.

This is the end of viaTOLL. The e-TOLL system is coming. How do you register?

“Obviously the opinions of people who have decided to install this app so far are extremely important, despite the fact that most current users of the app are car owners who use it on short stretches of highway. Continuous use of a smartphone while driving can lead to safety risks on the roads and leads to many human disasters ”- emphasized the carriers in the letter.

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