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Morning News: Three news in brief | News

Machete attack on Hisingen

The aggravated assault was reported to the police at 01:00 at night.

Then a group of four people was attacked by two men armed with a large knife or machete.

The four say those two just showed up, says Peter Adelson, a press spokesman for the Western District Police.

Two of the group were injured in the attack and taken to hospital by ambulance, they must have been vigil and could talk to them.

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Trump admits losing the election

Donald Trump claimed he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden due to widespread vote fraud, which was never proven.

In an interview with Fox News On Wednesday, the first hint came from the former president that he had lost the 2020 election.

We didn’t win, as Donald Trump says, and Joe Biden acknowledges that he’s the winner of the election.

Trump, speaking from his golf club in New Jersey, said he is also considering running for the next 2024 presidential election.

We’ll make a decision about 202, but if you look at the numbers, you’ll find more people like me than ever before, says Trump.

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An outbreak at Sundsvall Hospital

In March, the infection suddenly spread to a ward at Sundsvall Hospital, which did not provide coronary care.

According to the Västernorrland region, a total of 24 people were infected – 13 patients and 11 nurses.

According to the district, the infection gained a foothold due to the lack of single rooms in the hospital, which means that the infected cannot be isolated. Four patients died.

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– It is a tragedy for the relatives, and also for those of us who work here it is too heavy. This is something we learn from and take action where we see we’ve broken, Karin Dunberg Smeds, COO, says in a press release.

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