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MP in plastic mats. We know the winners!

Kamila Karpiel (AZS Zakopane) and Piotr Żyła (WSS Wisła w Wisła) won the title of Polish champions in snowboarding on plastic mats in Zakopane. French Josephine Bagnier won the women’s open competition.

Silver medals were won by Nicole Kunderla (KS AZS AWF Katowice) and Klemens Murańka (TS Wisła Zakopane), Kinga Rajda (KS AZS AWF Katowice), Tomasz Pich (WSS Wisła in Wisła) and David Kubacki (TS Wisła) defending the title.

Joanna Swabb, who finished ninth in the competition, defended the singles title last year.

80 competitors (17) and competitors (63) from Poland, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United States competed for the HS-105.

The team competition will take place on Friday. The series of trials is scheduled to begin on the 11th. The first competition is at 11.45

Originally, the national championship on plastic mats was scheduled to take place on July 9, the day of the official opening of the reconstructed Middle Krokiew complex of the Czech Bronisław in Zakopane, but strong winds frustrated the organizers’ plans.