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MZK strike in Bydgoszcz.  City Introduces Emergency Schedule :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

MZK strike in Bydgoszcz. City Introduces Emergency Schedule :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

Bydgoszcz has stopped regular public transportation. Due to the current strike of MZK employees. In return, the city will launch an emergency schedule.

MZK workers strike in Bydgoszcz

Started Friday morning Employees strike at the Municipal Communications plant in Bydgoszcz. As a result, many bus lanes and all tram lanes do not appear on city streets. Some connections were provided by private carrier buses. The strikers have appealed to the company’s board of directors PLN 1,000 pay rise and dismissal of president. City officials call the strike illegal and call for a return to MZK service.

No agreement was reached at the talks in the town hall

On Friday afternoon, representatives of the protest met with city mayor Rafael Brusky. According to the portal, Negotiations ended without agreement. The city has also begun planning alternative transportation. Striking drivers and tram drivers say in an interview with local media Without fulfilling their demands, they will not even take to the streets until Wednesday.

Bydgoszcz suspends existing public transportation

On Friday evening, the Municipal Roads and Public Transport Authority in Bydgoszcz announced due to the strike of MZK employees Stops all standard bus and tram routes. These changes will take effect on Saturday, June 25th. ZDMiKP said in a statement that it is launching Emergency bus communication systemWill be based on available stock sources.

Due to a strike by Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne (MZK) employees, all standard bus and tram routes will be closed from Saturday, June 25, 2022. From June 25, an emergency telecommunications system was introduced for the entire city, based on available rolling stock resources – The company reports.

Bydgoszcz. Emergency Schedule of Public Transport from 25/06/2022

Emergency lines of public transport Myślcinek and does not serve Podkowa, Airport, os. Javissa, ul. Cementarna, ul. Gardens of Camellia and Escalapius. Bydgoszcz buses do not run to urban commons such as Białe Błota or Osielsko. A dozen alternate bus routes exit the city streets. Find the exact list of routes and timetable On the ZDMiKP website.

Public transportation freeze on Bydgoszcz Buses and trams do not go on the streets

Many of the buses and trams in Bydgos do not enter the streets today. The reason for all this is the strike started by the city carrier. What happened?

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