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Navalny found in Siberian prison: 'I feel good'

“His lawyer visited him today. Alexei is doing well,” Navalny's spokesman wrote Count Garmisig When she announced that he had been found.

Alexei Navalny He has not been heard from or seen since early December, prompting his co-workers to raise the alarm.

When they visited the penal colony in the Vladimir region east of Moscow, they were told only that there was no prisoner named Alexei Navalny there.

And now, some 20 days later, they have received news that Russia's most famous opposition politician has been transferred to another penal colony: in the small town of Charb in the Yamalo-Neintsyn region, far north of the Ural Mountains in northwestern Siberia.

The US State Department welcomes the news of Navalny's location, but at the same time expresses in a statement its “deep concern about Navalny's safety and the circumstances of his unjust detention.”

Convicted repeatedly

Since Alexei Navalny returned to Russia in January 2021, he has been re-sentenced several times by the pro-regime judiciary. The last one was due to “extremism” – which means that sooner or later he will be transferred again to a penal colony with the highest level of security.