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Biden: ‘The Supreme Court is out of control’

Biden: ‘The Supreme Court is out of control’

Abortion has been allowed in the United States for nearly 50 years as a constitutionally protected right since the high-profile 1973 case Roe v. Wade. That right was repealed in June. The right to abortion is no longer constitutionally protected and individual states have been able to ban abortions since June 24.

Joe Biden was clear that there was no legal action he could take as president to reverse HD’s decision, but the quickest way to “take back Rowe” ​​was to write a new law.

– I will sign such a law at the same time as it is on my desk, he says.

Supreme Court ‘out of control’

President Biden, along with his fellow Democrats, have criticized the decision very loudly and are now opposing a presidential order designed to protect the right to free abortion in the country.

“We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court working with the most radical representatives of the Republican Party to deny people their liberty and self-determination,” Biden said in a speech in the Roosevelt Room on Friday.

It comes after Biden was criticized within his own party for not moving faster to protect women’s access to abortion.

Exercising “brute political force”

Through the order, he assigned the Ministry of Health the task of protecting the right to abortion pills and contraceptives. Moreover, a special task force will also be set up to protect access to reproductive care, according to CNN.

The Ministry of Health now has 30 days to submit a report describing how the various parts of the presidential order can be implemented in practice.

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Joe Biden also says he has asked the Department of Justice to do “everything in its power to protect women who wish to exercise their rights.” He also described HD’s resolution as “extreme” and “completely wrong”.

The Constitution was not the driving force for the Supreme Court’s decision, but rather an exercise of raw political power, says Biden.