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Cat Larry talks about his future in Downing Street

Larry the cat is a popular political player in Britain.

Now that Boris Johnson has left 10 Downing Street, many Britons fear the cat will do the same.

Now he gave Larry a clear message about his future in the center of power.

During the chaotic period of English politics, many voters turned their eyes to one of the nation’s most important symbols of institutional stability and democratic order.

This is Larry the cat.

For 11 years, Larry has resided at 10 Downing Street – longer than any British prime minister has stayed at home in Westminster – and works there as Chief Mouser in the Cabinet Office.

Checking out antique furniture

To the official commitments of Cat Larry, writes womanincluding welcoming guests to 10 Downing Street, checking out the home’s security system and reviewing napkins for antique furniture.

One of the questions many Brits are asking themselves now is what will happen to Larry when he is their boss Boris Johnson forced out of the house. Will the shameless Prime Minister take the adorable 15-year-old cat with him? Or will Larry, like much of the prime minister’s closest supporter, simply resign?

Larry has lived in 10 Downing Street for eleven years – and has no intention of leaving.

demanded his resignation

In fact, Larry recently issued an ultimatum to Boris Johnson via his Twitter account.

“Either he leaves or I do,” wrote Larry, referring to the fact that his conscience does not allow him to continue to live under the same roof with the Prime Minister.

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Two days after the cat Larry invited Boris Johnson to leave the prime minister position, he did so much more.

To avoid further misunderstanding, Larry confirmed on Twitter the same day that he was not “Boris Johnson’s cat”.

Like all prime ministers [Boris Johnson] Just a temporary guest at 10 Downing Street. I live here permanently. When he finally leaves, I stay, remind the cat and complete:

– Yes, all this is very embarrassing, but it is quickly over now.

Belongs to the permanent staff

The fact that Larry the cat does not belong to an individual was confirmed by former Prime Minister David Cameron, who stated in 2016 once and for all that Larry is responsible and belongs to 10 permanent employees of Downing Street.

Larry previously attracted international attention by taking a position under former US President Donald Trump’s limousine “The Beast”.

The increase slowed the president’s schedule because Larry refused to leave his seat under the car. Because he firmly refuses to leave his position in the epicenter of British political power.

Boris Johnson announced, Thursday, he is leaving his post as Prime Minister.