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Navalny in court: “I am not afraid of the FSB or chemical weapons”

New cartoons Applies to allegations of embezzlement and insult to the judge. A large crowd of journalists headed to a prison outside Moscow on Tuesday morning. However, they were not allowed to appear in the courtroom, but were referred to the press room where they could follow the trial from a screen.

According to Novaya Gazeta’s correspondent on the site, the sound was so bad in the press room that it was hardly possible to hear what was being said.

It was previously reported that Navalny’s health deteriorated in prison as a result of the poisoning he suffered in August 2020. Fellow prisoners also testified about how the opposition politician was subjected to psychological torture in prison.

But Navalny was energized by pleading to his case from the courtroom. One of his lawyers, Vladimir Voronin, was prevented from attending. Other lawyers were also banned from using computers and cell phones, but were only equipped with pen and paper when they had to join the 30-page indictment.

– I will continue to fight for freedom. I’m not afraid of the FSB, or of chemical weapons, or of Putin. You can continue with your pursuits, and I won’t be silenced anyway. I am not afraid, and I also urge everyone not to be afraid. The only thing we fear, Navalny said in the courtroom, is that we will all have to live a life of poverty, degradation, and lack of perspective.

The FSB is the Federal Security Service of Russia.

Previously, it was not clear whether his wife, Julia Navalnaga, would be allowed to attend. On Monday, she demanded it in an Instagram post. But the court appears to have turned the case. Pictures from the courtroom show the couple embracing and surrounded by security guards.

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DN previously reported that Navalny planned to receive an extended visit from his family in the next week, but that may not get rid of him due to the trial. But the court has now announced that the prosecution process will not continue until February 21. So it looks like Navalny will continue to receive hits after all.

Novaga Gazeta Navalny asked how he felt, and he replied, “Excellent.” With his wife at his side, he said he “never felt better”.

Navalny’s press secretary followed the trial during the day, posting this photo on Twitter, among other things.

The opposition politician risks another 10 years in prison for embezzlement and insulting judges.

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