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Navalny responded to Putin after the press conference: “Lies.”

Navalny responded to Putin after the press conference: “Lies.”

Putin held a press conference after Wednesday’s summit between the Russian and US presidents. During this, he was not unexpectedly asked about the imprisoned opposition politician and activist Alexei Navalny.

– He knew that he was in contravention of Russian law, he would appear before the authorities, he ignored this and went abroad for medical care. He was wanted and arrested when he returned home. Putin said, among other things, about Navalny during the press conference, I mean that he did it on purpose.

In August last year poisoned Alexei Navalny with the neurotoxin Novichok. After pressure from his family and activists, he was forced to leave Russia and taken to a hospital in Germany for treatment. During this time, Alexei Navalny was in a coma.

On Instagram, an opposition politician is now commenting on Putin’s statement.

“Look here at the mental state that arises when you are in power for a long time, have unlimited money and abuse disco water: Constant lie. It is as if he is physically unable to refrain from lying, even though he knows that the lies will be revealed,” Navalny writes.

It continues:

“It is possible that the president will immediately experience acute pain if he does not lie for a long time, and then quickly says: “The Russian economy is growing, there will be no forced vaccination, Navalny deliberately went abroad ”and immediately removes the pain and can hug the oligarchs and whisper In their ears: “Shall we turn the billion from the budget into?”