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NBA Results: Near the Triple-Double, the Mavs are better than the Kings!  The next matches are ahead of us

NBA Results: Near the Triple-Double, the Mavs are better than the Kings! The next matches are ahead of us

The first fight of the night full of NBA experiences is behind us. In the fight for “human” time for European fans, Mavericks defeated Sacramento Kings, though it was not without problems. Luca Tonic is nearing the triple-double finish, and like Harrison Barnes and Patti Hilt, there were issues with performance from behind the bow today. The next matches are already at midnight!

Dallas Mavericks – Sacramento Kings 105: 99

Statistics on ESPN

  • Before the meeting began, both teams had a 3-2 draw, which put them down in the top eight of the Western Conference. So you may have decided about winning today’s match and being in the lead.
  • Dallas Mavericks They started the match very well and after three minutes they were already 15: 3. The attack of the hosts was focused Dancicu lightBut similar Dorian Finney-Smith If Tim Hardway Jr. There were minor problems with beating the match well. Guests were also disappointed by the performance. Harrison Barnes, Tires Halliburton I Maurice Horkles In the first quarter they missed all six throws, resulting in the Maws jumping (31:22).
  • In the second “quarter” Sacramento Kings finished close to one “eye” to make up for the loss. Was doing well Richan Holmes, He also made valuable wins from the bench Tristan Thompson. However, Tonisia and Hardway Jr. shifted gears, thanks to which the hosts jumped back (53:47).
  • After the break, the result was volatile in the draw for a long time, but in the end the Mavericks were able to retreat slightly (82:72). However, the guests were not indebted again and another Barnes pointed out, D’Arona Foxa And Halliburton allowed them to make up for the loss (92:89), which announced a very interesting result. Dallas was able to take a 3-4 lead, but Holmes’ 2 + 1 performance kept Sacramento confident (102: 96). However, the last minutes are for the knights. Portuguese Jasona Kida The Kings successfully thwarted the attack and delivered the victory to Siren.
  • Mavericks top scorer today Luca TansicTriple-double close with 23 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds (1/7 for three). Valuable successes, despite the problems in performance, he did Tim Hardway Jr. (16 points; 5/14 in the game) i Dorian Finney-Smith (13 points, 6 rebounds; 5/13 from play). He was also active Frank Antiligina (12 points). He only spent 7 minutes on the dance floor Maxie Kleber (7 points), the most important part of the injured Dallas puzzle. It is not yet in circulation Christophe Forgingis.
  • On the Kings side, he performed better Richan Holmes, Author of 22 points and 13 rebounds. They threw 14 points D’Aron Fox (Plus 8 rebounds and 4 assists; from 5/16 play) i Tires Halliburton (6 rebounds, 4 assists; 5/14 from the game). After the average start of the double-double Harrison Barnes He had 15 points and 10 rebounds (1/8 for three), and active substitute Tristan Thompson had 13 points and 5 rebounds.
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Next night’s matches:

  • [00:00] Charlotte Hornets – Portland Trail Blazers
  • [00:00] Milwaukee Bucks – Utah Jazz
  • [00:30] Brooklyn Nets – Detroit Pistons
  • [03:30] Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets